3*HOTEL-MUSEUM near Chistye Ponds

Apartment No. 27. EPOCH

The author's project 3*HOTEL-MUSEUM «Apartment No. 27 «EPOCH» is situated in the old part of Moscow City near Chistye Prudy

Such prominent persons as Prince Yakov Dolgorukov, merchant Sytov with his family, who imported first steam-engine vehicles to Russia, general admiral of the Russian naval forces Fedor Apraksin, closest associate of Peter the Great, poet Dmitry Venevitov, in whose house Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin recited his tragic poem «Boris Godunov» for the first time, lived not so far from this place in manors of the nobility of the 18th century.

The tenement building with bay-windows and balconies on its face, which is situated in Krivokolenny lane, was planned by a nobleman Evgeny Skalsky and built upon the project of Ivan Kondratenko in 1913. In years of the Soviet regime the editors office of the first Soviet literary and art journal «Krasnaya Nov» was in this old house, whereto protester Vladimir Mayakovsky, columnist Alexey Tolstoy, lyricist Sergey Esenin, poetess Anna Akhmatova went round to publish their literary works in this journal. Later cello player Lev Berezovsky and scientist and physicist Artemy Alikhanyan lived within the walls of it.

Today we would like to invite you to the unique 3* HOTEL-MUSEUM "Apartment No. 27. EPOCH" . It is not the simple HOTEL , but the whole EPOCH of Krums’ family

The history of this family began on the verge of the last century and goes on up to now. The chance meeting changed the whole life of two persons, who were from different estates, and saddled up Elena Aristarkhovna Kornilova with Fedor Efremovich Krumov. They became acquainted in the critical time in Russian history. She was the daughter of one artist, who was famous in Bohemian classes. He was the real company sergeant-major of the Red Army. In those dark years their matrimony seemed to be impossible. In revolutionary years the family of Elena Aristarkhovna had to expatriate itself to France, but true love exists without a care in the world. Elena held true to Russia all this while, true to her heart and true to her love

Each of four rooms of this 3* HOTEL -MUSEUM is furnished in the spirit of events of that time. You will be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia with its tenement buildings, to feel the rebel spirit of 1917 year and the harsh Stalin’s regime and, finally, to experience emotions of people, who became witnesses of the space flight of the first person by the name of Yury Gagarin!

In our 3*HOTEL-MUSEUM  "Apartment27 EPOCH" we tried to create the comfortable rest area, when you can feel homish, and the keeper of secrets of Krums’ family Granny Manya reacts with emotional warmth and reverence to your wishes and makes everything in order that you come back to us to be our dear guest again.